There will always be an obstacle between your desired destination and your current position.

Life always provides a way for you to rise above your set backs, all you have to do is get up and climb.

Do not turn away if the obstacle appears... read more

Elections are supposed to be a fair gauge on the choice of a group of persons who have agreed to make a choice. This practice is the bedrock of modern democracy and aims to sustain societies, maintain a high degree of order and trust... read more

Any single wheel that is not wide eneel that is not wide enough to prevent tilting will always tilt and fall when you stand it. However this wheel will maintain an upright position when given a spin and a push. So why do wheels not... read more

 The culture of corruption has eaten deep into the very foundation of the society in Africa generally and Nigeria in particular to such an extent that an average passenger in a commercial bus is tries to cheat the conductor who collects the money, the... read more